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Here are the chords for the main refrain in this song from the musical.  Enjoy.

Key - C
Time signature - 4/4

(see also the update below for the melody line)

| C            |
 Doe, a deer, a female deer.
| G7                  |
 Ray, a drop of golden sun.
|C           |
 Me, a name I call myself.
|G9                     |
 Far, a long long way to run.
| C      C7           |  F
 Sew, a needle pulling thread.
|D7                  | G
 La, a note to follow sew.
| E7                      | Am    C7
 Tea, a drink with jam and bread.
          | Dm7      G7    |C              G7 |         
 That will bring us back to do - oh - oh - oh!
(last time)
          | Dm7      G7    |C   
 That will bring us back to do!

The melody line - naturally, given the content of the song - 
uses the 8 notes of the major scale.
This tab is in 5th position.  
You will be able to play the whole melody without moving your left hand sideways.
Simply start with finger 1.

    Doe   a deer...
1E |----------------|----------------|
2B |--------5-------|5-------5-------|
3G |5-----7-------5-|----5-----------|

1E |----------------|----------------|
2B |------5-6-6-5---|6---------------|
3G |7-------------7-|----------------|

1E |----------------|----------------|
2B |5-----6-8-----5-|8---5---8-------|
1E |----------------|----------------|

1E |--------5-5-----|5---------------|
2B |6-----8-----8-6-|----------------|
3G |----------------|----------------|

1E |----------------|5---------------|
2B |8---------5-6-8-|----------------|
3G |------5-7-------|----------------|

1E |5-------------5-|7---------------|
2B |--------5-6-8---|----------------|
3G |------7---------|----------------|

    Tea...                    that will
1E |7-----------5-7-|8-----------8-7-|
2B |------5-6-8-----|----------------|
3G |----------------|----------------|

    bring us...      do (oh)(oh)(oh) 
1E |5-------7-------|8---------------|
2B |----6-------8---|---(8)-(5)------|
3G |----------------|-----------(7)--|
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