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    South Catherine Street Jug Band

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Title: Outlaw
Artist: South catherine street jug band
Tuning: standard
Key: D

Heres a jug band song for all you jug heads

OUTLAW from "Roads Less Traveled"


thats the intro
Rythm plays that the entire verse

chords used   D C F(verse)
              D B A(chorus)

D Im Leaving my C homeland you F know that I must D go
D Im going to the C bad lands or F south to mexi D co
D Thats where Ill find a C new life thats F where I will be D free
D Aint no johnny C law gonna F catch up with D me
B   A

D Well goodbye my love goodbye
B Must be on my A way (my way)
D Me and the boys will be
B Back again some A day (someday)
D Living on the road on the
B american high A way (highway)
D Goodbye my love goodbye
B Must be on my A way

G Hey Hey Hey

They say that I shot a man they say I killed him dead
They say i dug a shallow grave and kicked his body in
What they do not know and what they don't care
I was just protecting my family and my land

Repeat Chorus

I kiss my wife and babe then I'll head on through the door
I used to hunt and farm this land but now i shall no more
I used to climb these mountains and drink from these streams
Now a jailor man wants to lock the door and throw away the key

Repeat chorus

Mr.Taxman, Mr. Jailor man and all you other thieves
Take anything you want from me take anything you need
But you'll never get my mind or soul no matter how you try
Cause I was born a free man and thats how I shall Die

Repeat Chorus

Well people thats the song, sorry no bridge, but if ya know it then tab it 
out and I dont want to return to this site in a month and see 20 versions of 
this song spanning off of mine, this is the real and only one so enjoy!

"Keep on rocking in the free world"

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