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// This is my first chord contribution so bear with me // I love this song so much that
it frustrates me at first to look for the chords online so I got my friend's keyboard
and tried to find it myself // I even got the mp3 and rip it to midi and tried (with
frustration) to convert it to notation via software but to no avail it just made me
even more confused // so I'm rendering this on my own key and version // Sorry Guys //

Wherever You Are
By: South Border
Note: Too Crazy is reminiscent of their early Babyface influence, spiced up by skillful
lead guitar playing. Wherever You Are, which speaks of a love still being sought, was
actually composed by Vince in high school and transformed into another soulful ballad
by Jay's chords and arrangement.

Intro: D-A/C#-Bm-F#m/A

           D               A/C#
I love to see the ocean's beauty
         Bm                F#m/A
And the moon that shines above
              D                   A/C#
Alone in the sand lookin at the stars
             Bm                    F#m/A
Wishing someday I would find true love
             D               A/C#
Wouldn't be nice to see the morning
         Bm                F#m/A
With the one you love the most
             D               A/C#
Wouldn't be nice to say goodnight
       Bm                F#m/A
To the one you hold so close
         G               A   A7
To your heart, to your heart

     F#m                 G
The wind that blows the dove
        F#m               G
Is the wind that blows my love
           Bm              A/C#
Hoping to find its way to you
Wherever you are

I love to sit in fields of green
Looking deeply thru the sky
Watching birds as they flap by
Hoping someday faith will bring me true love
Wouldn't be nice to hold someone
So dear, n near your heart
Wouldn't be nice to hear those words
I love you, from the one
That you love, that you love

repeat chorus 2x

           D              A/C#
I love to see myself one day
       Bm          F#m/A
In the arms of someone
          D                   A/C#
Who will share her life with me
 Bm      F#m/A   G                      A
Selflessly, someday you will find your way,
To me...
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