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From RICKL1@IX.NETCOM.COM Sun May  4 11:24:24 1997
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 1997 01:30:20 GMT
To: guitar@olga.net
Subject: Somebody Must Be Wrong  SOuther/Hillman/Furay    Chords/Words

Souther Hillman Furay    Somebody Must Be Wrong  by J.D. Souther

 G           C        D     G         C   D
Every time I write myself a letter
G            C    D        G      C   D
Somehow it always goes to you
G               C      D        G        C   D
There must be a way to do this better
         F                      D7
Without giving away the ending like I always do
      G                  C           D       G               C  D
Now I love you when your dressed up  in your whites and things
G                      C         D            G      C   D
But you and just your  boots and dreams will do
G                      C     D    G            C    D
I'd like to say I believe in love I believe in you
F                                             D7
But then you go around walking I get jealous too
Gm               C7     Gm                         C7
Somebody must be wrong it's you worrying all night pacing till the
Gm                    C7                   D7
Sometimes I wonder is anybody really that strong
                  Gm C7  Gm C7
Somebody must be wrong
G              C          D          G         C   D
You can walk away from me right this minute
G                     C      D       G       C    D
But you'd be back before the sun was down
                   G                    C          D
You see that rings on your finger would turn to dirt
          G                      C            D
And your smile would begining to hurt
              F                                         D7
You're gonna leave your little heart lying there on the ground
Gm               C7    Gm                          C7
Somebody must be wrong you get the feeling and the words are wrong
Gm                   C7          D7                   Gm
I know what it means it takes so long somebody must be wrong
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