• Song:

    Marry Me

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    In The Swing

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Someone to bring me out  
Someone to let me in  
Someone, someone...  

   G                              Cm 
And all the eager-beaver men come macho way their blues  
     G                                   Cm 
They place themselves in place of me and face to face with you  
    G                                   Cm 
And each pretend, you're loving him but that's not very true  
Cause you're not acting, nor am I though I could use some proof  
G                   D 
Marry me, marry me, what's the story  
         G               A             D          E   
Though a thousand hungry people try to crash our story  
But no one in this darkened world  
Bm                   A        E 
Ever know but I know Marry me  
A happily-ever-after does that seem to much to ask?  

With trees and tots and stucco walls and fountains in the back  

And lawns that you or I can mow and neighbours who will chat  

About important issues and the state of this 'n that  

Am                       E 
Someone to bring me out, Someone to let me in 
Someone to bring me joy  
Somebody near me, somebody near me  
C               Bb 
Somebody nearly me  
The purple mountains majesty above the fruited plain  

Is peeling off the wall of Lucky Miramar Motel  
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