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    The Lady Is Lingering

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The Lady Is Lingering

E                        E/G#
Every word pronounced distinctly, slowly 
          E                        E/G#
There are no contractions, nothing slurred 
A                       A/C#
Unprepared you watch in rank amazement 
        A                       A/C#
As she lights her cigarette and stirs 

Bm                           F#m   
Every motion is complete, no editing of anything 
  E                           E/D#                      A/E
Encouraging, encouraging, and not the customary bill of fore 

                  A       G          D
Can't you see the lady is lingering (lingering) 
A           E                           B                E  
This lady's lingering, and you cannot believe the reason why 

Every sip is of the smallest quantity 
That still denotes apparent thirst 
Every question is a means to draw long answers 
Play the fool, it doesn't hurt 

Splitting, spliting headache coming Get up early in the morning 
Where are the funny phrases that are always followed by goodbye 


Dm            C             Dm                C
Is it now all up to you, do you now guide the evening,
   Dm             C                      Dm      C        A                  
or do you await a further signal, a look, a touch, a sigh 


Dm                        Bb
Risky business, all this waiting, wondering 
  A                        Em    
A risky business, all this waiting, wondering (repeat) 


by: José Duarte
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