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    The Toughest Girl In Town

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  • Album:

    Just Got Back From Heav...

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The Toughest Girl In Town
C (w\ C6)                    
She won't marry you, she don't look good in white
Don't try sweet talk unless you're hot for a fight
F                                                                    C  
Still there's something that drives the guys half-insane
                            F                  C
Ain't they heard that their love for her is in vain

            F                               G
And all the guys in town just love to hang around
The toughest girl in town

Look outside and you'll see the rain pouring down
That's the sign that she's now on your side of town
Plan your life around someone proper and clean
That's the smart thing but that means nothing to me


She's not evil she's just a little confused
All here life she's been set upon and abused
Given that, she's more interesting than the rest
Given that, she's the one who I love the best


by: José Duarte
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