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E5  eeee
  if i wake up and find my self dead

   D5  dddd
  i care not how it came to be

   A5  aaaa
  i left my life the way and oh it took me

   E5  eeee
  you see im free to think my own way i owe no one

  E5 eeee                D5 dddd    A5 aaaa   E5  eeee 
  don't you ever tell me that you know how feel

  if i ever quit this life i wont ask for a reason why 

  if the guns are looking down and they decide the time has come

  i wont hang on i wont plead ive had my time and now i leave

if you notice from the song, it has one main chord, 
then 4 beats after all parts  
works the same for all the song

so the whole piece is E5    D5    A5    E5   AS THE IS IS PLAYED TWICE

Thats it Josh Blythin 'the music stand'  *GuitarMadJosh*
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