• Song:

    The Early Childhood And Death Of Gorgeous George

  • Artist:

    Special Patrol

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Good luck.


--------------------------2---2---2---2-------------------------------------- | 
---2---2---2---2----------3---3---3---3-------------------------------------- | 
---2---2---2---2----------------2-------------------------------------------- | 
---------2---------X2---0---4-------4------X2-------------------------------- | 
-0---4-------4--------------------------------------------------------------- | 
----------------------------------------------------------------------------- | 

While the introduction repeats the picking pattern before moving to the next 
chord, it doesn't repeat when the song begins.

A                               D
You know I'll always blame your father,
  A                     D
I never had the guts to say,
             A                   D
He spent his time out there in a lonely stare,
        A              D
In that dark and angry place,
     A               D
Sour grapes for taste,
         A           D
He was a head case.

I'm sitting at the bench on Third Street,
By the oval where we used to compete,
I can see him coming down, drag you home by your ear,
And thanking Christ that it wasn't me.
All the bad he had, would have made you a good Dad.

D                                      A
I wish you would have told me what you went through,
D                        A        
I wish I had the guts to save you,
Bm                                  D
It seems you've gone and found your peace somehow,
I hope you're feeling better now.

I told you, that I would return for you,
That I cared for you so much and that much is true, 
That I'd drive through in my car when I'm old enough,
And take you from the door of that broken home.

I guess it seems the pain just got too great,
It seems my friend you just couldn't wait,
It's no excuse, hey life got in the way,
I was a good ten years too late.

I guess my friend you've been sleeping sound,
Since we laid your bones to rest deep in the ground,
And King Henry was beheaded,
When you made your stand, now we understand,
Now I understand, since you made your stand.

I wish you would have told me what you went through,
I wish I had the guts to save you,
I should have whispered in your ear,
It's going to be alright this year. It's going to be alright this year!
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