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    More Of You

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More Of You Chords by Speck

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Date: Sun, 5 Apr 1998 15:07:31 -0700
From: Todd L Gorton 
Subject: CRD: more_of_you by Speck (acoustic)

*More Of You*
Group: Speck (self-titled)
By: Hutchcraft and Meek
From: Todd Gorton (awtozer@juno.com)
Status: First submission

Note: This band rules, check them out!

D                  Em          C
Wish I could say I'm innocent
D              Em                C
Of all the lies I love to live
D                  Em                 C
I guess that time has come again
D            Em             C
Where I ask you to forgive.

G             G            Em      C         G
Yeah . . . more of you . . . less of me.
G            Em                    C G
More of you and less of me.

D                    Em                  C
Sometimes I act like I don't care
D                    Em                  C
Sometimes I let the crowd control
D                                    Em
I'm glad that you don't love me only when it's fair
D                                    Em
Cause when I'm so far gone you still meet me there

Chorus 2:
G                     Em   C            G
Yeah . . . all I need is you in me.
G           Em                     C G
More of you and less of me.
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