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Far Too Canadian Chords by Spirit Of The West

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From: ummikit0@cc.UManitoba.CA (j mikita)
Subject: CHD: s/spirit_of_the_west/far_too_canadian.crd
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 16:51:02 GMT

Far Too Canadian
by Spirit of the West (Geoff Kelly, John Mann)
"Go Figure"
All Spirit Publishing Ltd. (SOCAN)
Transcribed: Jen Mikita

D           F#m G             A
I?m so content, to stand in line
D         F#m  G          A
Wait and see, pass the time
D         F#m   G     A
Talk a streak, fall asleep
D        F#m    G        A
Wake up late, whine and weep
I kiss the hand that slaps me senseless
A                     Bm       A
I?m so accepting, I am so defenseless
Dm      Am      Dm             Am       Dm
I am far too Canadian, I am far too Canadian

I pick the bones of what?s been done and I
Lick them clean with a cautious tongue
In dim-lit rooms, I spill my guts
I?m the revolution when the doors are shut
I?d bite the hand that slaps me senseless
But my patience, it is too relentless
I am far too Canadian, I am far too Canadian

D         G           A
I am the face of my country
F#m                  Bm
Expressionless and small
D             G              A
Weak at the knees, shaking badly
F#m                      Bm
Can?t straighten up at all
              G          A       F#m      Bm
I watch the spine of my country bend and break
G          A     D
I?m in a sorry state

I scratch the walls to mark the days
With my coup de tete I am locked away
With mother Jones, pots of tea
The kitchen poster, anarchy
I never march in demonstrations
I hold my breath for arbitration
I am far too Canadian, I am far too Canadian
I am far too Canadian, I am far too Canadian

G        A    D
I am a sorry state
           G              A      D
Won?t you welcome to the sorry state?

Just a note: most of the F#m?s can also be played as F#m 7th, if you
prefer.  This sounds most authentic on an acoustic.
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