• Song:

    Moist Anal Climaxes

  • Artist:

    Spontaneous Destruction

Moist Anal Climaxes Chords by Spontaneous Destruction

The best acoustic song ever
Listen to Magenta Picture Frames for rhythms.

Chords involved:

Dmin  Amin  G    Dsus4   Cadd9  Emin
E-1-  -0-   -3-  -3-     -3-    -0-
B-3-  -1-   -3-  -3-     -3-    -0-
G-2-  -2-   -0-  -2-     -0-    -0-
D-0-  -2-   -0-  -0-     -2-    -2-
A-0-  -0-   -2-  ---     -3-    -2-
E---  ---   -3-  ---     ---    -0-


  Every year about September I have a moist anal climax but I
Dmin          Amin           G              Dsus4
  dont' know what to do I have never asked anyone before
Dmin         Amin                    G        Dsus4

  I asked the expert Miss Cosgrove X4
Cadd9               G

  She wasnt any help, butI knew that that would happen cause she
Dmin        Amin         G           Dsus4
  Is a really crap Business Studies teacher so dont
Dmin          Amin          G       Dsus4

 Why dont you try to stick a bluebottle up your bum
Em            G             Em             G
 It will workX4
Em       G

       Every October now I realise that Ive got over my disease
Dm           Am          G                      Dus4
  It was called moist anal climax disease
Dm       Am           G             Dsus4


BRIDGE only played louder
  It actually is quite fun, getting that moist climax up your bum
Em                     G   Em                          G
  I want it back next SeptemberX4
Em                       G
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