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    Beast And Dragon Adored

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Beast And Dragon Adored Chords by Spoon

The Beast And Dragon, Adored

INTRO (capo 1st Fret)
E ---7---7---4---4---3---3---0---0?(repeat)

VERSE (B power chord)
A ---9---10--11--10--
E ---7---7---7---7-- (repeat)

B (verse riff)
The beast and dragon adored
You been gone so long
Where you been for so long
I went to places I know

Went to the room
And I forgot my pen
Shook my twin
And I have to find that feeling again

All I need is a crew
One that can act as if
One that can stay on cue
And sneeze and sniff, uh-huh, alright

I'm going back to the water
B					A
Been land locked too long

E				F#
I got a feeling, it don't come cheap
B				E
I got a feeling, oh then it got to me
E				F#
It took it time a-workin' into my soul
D#m				E
I got to believe they come for rock and roll
(They come for rock and roll)

Where did you get for so long
I been learnin' my scene
I been watchin' my friends movin' away
I summon my love back to me

And I went down by the seawall
That's when I knew, knew they never got you
E				F#
Great dominions, they don't come cheap
B				E
Great dominions, they just want you to leave
E				F#
I got the feeling, the feeling's set tight
D#m				E
Said it's not what you expected, but he could be right
E				F#
I gotta feeling, it didn't come free
B				E
I got a feeling, then it got to me
C#m				F#
When you don't feel it, it shows they tear out your soul
D#m				E
And when you beleived they call it rock and roll
D#m				E
And when you believed they call it rock and roll
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