I Think Im Go-go Chords by Squeeze

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From: SnegG@aol.com
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 1995 19:33:49 -0400

I Think I'm Go-Go
by Squeeze (from the album "Argy Bargy")
transcribed by Gary Snegaroff (SnegG@aol.com)


The (Fm) that appears in the chorus is optional for the second chorus.
Squeeze has played it that way live, so I included it.

For the final verse, don't play the A for the first four lines. Just play the

Dm    A       Dm
Funny words I cannot read

Dm        A           Dm
Trams and boats where Strauss is street

Dm    A       Dm
Milky way and far out looks

Dm      A        Dm
On your bike and Anne Frank books

Down the disco it's clockworktime

E                  Eb       D   Db
Where's the humour where am I - I

Oh this, world's got smaller

    F               (Fm)
I'm shaking lots of hands

Saying lots of things

     F           (Fm)
That no one understands

You can shake my tree

        F         (Fm)
But you won't get me

Where am I

D-5+B                              Dm
I think I'm go go, go go, go go....go go

Liquor stores and rodeos
P I X and rock and roll
The freckled face the thin and fat
The drive-in films and drive-in macs
Strip and porno neon signs
Where's the building where am I


Buckingham Palace trains all late
Funny little men all out in the rain
Car front deals and after pubs
Tenth year plays and seedy clubs
And iffy people don't seem to mind
Where's the action where am I

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