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Stanley Clarke "We Supply" Bass Tab
By: The Sinister Minister

Great super funky song. Can't really figure out the fills but here's 
the groove anyway. Will work on figuring out fills and adding soon.

s= slap
p= pop
/= slide up
\= slide down
H= hammer
P= pull off

G---13\--| Once

 <----------Thrice------------>   <--------------Twice-------------->
  s   s   s     s   s p s p  p    s   s   s     s      s p s p p
            (try alternating pointer and middle fingers on the pops)

|--------|  Once

 <--------------------A million times---------------------->
  s   s     s     s p s p  p    s   s     s     s p s p p

Enjoy. Keep funk alive.
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