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Heaven Sent by The Steeldrivers

Transcribed by DWdrummer67

Tuning: Standard

Note: The following progression continues throughout the entire song.

G           D       Am
I know our days are heaven sent
  G    D               Am
lord knows I know not where they went
  G       D           Am
Shake my head and I wonder how
      G      D            Am
I'll ever get to heaven now

An angel came one winter dawn
You shoulda seen what she had on
Wind was whistlin' like a train
She left again… just like she came


I move around a lot these days
Honky tonks and broad freeways
The same thing that I've always done
But I'm older now… and I get tired some


Those who think they hold the cards
I send out my kind regards
Those who love, to those who care
I'll meet you down… the road somewhere

CH: (2X)

I'll ever get to heaven now
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