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(I did this because the other one was hard to understand)

 Hold On: Stellar Kart

 Capo: 3
 (Verse 1)
 G              G/B
 I am all around you and I see
                       D                          C
 Everywhere you see I am everything
 You believe

 If the stars don?t shine tonight                                    
 And tomorrow forgets the light
 Em                    D
 Hold on. Hold on to Me.

 (Verse 2)
 G                       G/B
 You are loved completely 
 You mean everything to me
                      C                  D
 You will always be here with me

         G                 D       
 With everything you have 
                 Em    C
 Hold on to me. 
             G                      F                 
 Don't be afraid I'm here to stay

 (Chorus 2)
 If your hope is running dry
 And your dreams have waved goodbye
 G                        D
 Hold on. Hold on to Me.
                 Em    C    G    D    Em    C    G    D
 Hold on to Me.
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