• Song:

    So The King Might Ride Again

  • Artist:

    Stephen Ashbrook

  • Album:


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So the King Might Ride Again
Stephen Ashbrook

Tune down 1/2 step

   G                 Cadd9
D:--0-0-0-0---0-0-0---2-2-2-2-2-2| x2

G                  Cadd9
This reason why I came
The Queen said to her cleric that the King's fell ill again
Em                      B7
 "If you could touch him just one more time"
        C                 C/B               Am
And the queen burst into tears and began to cry
...So the King might ride again

The cleric turned to hide his smile
"I can heal your King my dear, but you must pay the price"
He locked the doors and moved across her with his hands
The queen cried, "You're an evil, evil man"
...But the King must ride again

The cleric got up and he dusted off his pants
He said, "You did well my dear, now your King will ride again"
She pulled him close to her and asked him for a kiss
Then ran a dagger right between his ribs
...So the King might ride again

...the King might ride again

Months went by, all is well
Until the Queen began to feel the insides of her swell
Distraught with fear the Queen began to cry
Cause a king with silver hair is well beyond his prime
He would be disgraced, surely lose the throne
His all the land would know that the child is not his own

She just held her head and cried
Kissed her husband's sleeping lips and climbed the highest tower high
With heaven over head and hell laid down below
She spread her arms out wide and just let her body go
...So the King might ride again
...the King might ride again
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