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C5  E5 x2
(hammer on/off D5 when you play C5 )

C5      E5
I walk the lines
C5         E5 
DO it all the time,
F5              C5        
push the water through
Bb5                       G5
the things we said we'd do

C5               E5
and always skimmed the lines
C5             E5
rolling all the time
F5         C5  
makes me do
Bb5                       G5                    
things i really shouldn't do

A5        C5
of your eyes
F5                       C5           G5
i think i've seen them once or twice
A5               C5
yes of your eyes
F5                     Bb5       G5
i think ive seen them once, twice

Reapeat the verse chords 

End on C/G

Chords used:
C/G - 332010
Em  - 022000
F   - 133211
C   - 032010
Bb  - 013330
G   - 320003
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