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A bonus track on the Magpie album, Stephen Fretwell's paean to the pouring. 

Tuning: EADGBE


Dsus2   xx023x
D       xx0232
G       320003
Em7     022030
A7Sus4  x02030
F       133211


Dsus2 (4 bars)

Dsus2  G  A7Sus4  Dsus2  G  Em7  A7Sus4

Verse 1

    Dsus2   G
The rain in this town

A7Sus4      Dsus2
      Falls on the ground

G   Em7   A7Sus4
 By me by you

    Dsus2   G
The rain in my shoes

A7Sus4     Dsus2
     Soaks right through

F           G       D
   With all eyes on you

Instrumental break

Dsus2  G  A7Sus4  Dsus2  G  Em7  A7Sus4

Verse 2

       Dsus2        G
You can kick me and punch me

A7Sus4             Dsus2
      Do what you want with me

G           Em7      A7Sus4
  I'll only do it my-self

    Dsus2      G
The late night spotlight

A7Sus4          Dsus2
     Burns too bright tonight

F     G       D
  All eyes on you

D/E F               G        Dsus2
      I'm sorry for being so cruel


I hope I've done it justice!

Kevin O'Brien
October 2010

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