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Tuning: EADGBE


Dsus2 (4 bars)

D5  G5  A5  D5  G5  E5  A5

Verse 1

    D5   G5
The rain in this town

A5      D5
      Falls on the ground

G5   E5   A5
 By me by you

    D5   G5
The rain in my shoes

A5     D5
     Soaks right through

F5           G5       D5
   With all eyes on you

Instrumental break

D5  G5  A5  D5  G5  E5  A5

Verse 2

       D5        G5
You can kick me and punch me

A5             D5
      Do what you want with me

G5           E5      A5
  I'll only do it my-self

    D5      G5
The late night spotlight

A5          D5
     Burns too bright tonight

F5     G5       D5
  All eyes on you

D5 F5               G5        D5
      I'm sorry for being so cruel
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