• Song:

    I Believe

  • Artist:

    Stephen Gately

  • Album:

    I Believe

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I Believe                               - Stephen Gately
Tabbed by: Christian Utmo

F         Gm                    Eb
If I be - lieve that I could do anything
         F         Gm            Eb
Could I, spread my wings and say goodbye
F       Gm               Eb
So many people told me I couldn't win,
               F           Gm             Eb
But look at me now, here I am in heaven's sky
And sometimes I say a prayer,
Wishing that you could be here with me
Cause I believe

Bb     D        D#
I be - lieve in love, it's the best of everything
Bb     D        D#
I be - lieve in hope, and the changes it can bring
Bb     D            D#                        C
If you believe then nothing can stand in your way
     D#   F      Bb        D    D#
Just say, I be - lieve

F             Gm               Eb
If hope's the house I wanna be living in, oh baby
F             Gm              Eb
Well I've got one foot in the door, yes I do
F                Gm               Eb
All the years of waiting for your approval dear
       F                 Gm          Eb
Well I realised, I don't need it any more
Cause I'm stronger everyday
                         Eb   F
Now I'm strong enough to say, I believe


       Gm                      F
It's a fact of life that we're all in the game
         Eb                          Gm
But it's still your call, but we all play it
F                 Eb
Sometimes we win, sometimes we fall
              Gm             F                 Eb
But that's no reason just to give it up, cause after all
If you can't choose what to be
          Eb               F
You can choose what to dream...and I believe!

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