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Dynamite Cover. Originally by Taio Cruz. Done by the wonderful Stephen Jerzak. Think 
pretty close(: i already did a tab of this song, where i included the lyrics and 
but they never posted it, so im just doing another(:

Tabbed by: Shelby Malatak
Email: shelbymalatak@yahoo.com


C#     B     A     Eadd?
-0-   -0-   -0-   -0-|
-0-   -0-   -0-   -0-|
-6-   -4-   -2-   -9-|
-6-   -4-   -2-   -9-|
-4-   -2-   -0-   -7-|
-x-   -x-   -x-   -x-|

So this is a pretty simple song, and the chord progressions are easy.
for the verses its: C#, B, Eadd? and A (sorry i dont know what
                                              the 3rd chord is)

then the pre chorus is the same, but when you play the Eadd? you strum it two quick strums.

Chorus: same as verse, but strum B and Eadd? twice.

Verse 2: same as verse 1.

Pre Chorus & Chorus: same

Bridge: im not able to figure out what the first chord is in the bridge. So i just play  
C#, C#, A, B. It sounds close enough(:

then he goes into a little finger picking part. very easy. All you have to do is pick 
the chords in the order of the verse chords, but very quickly.

And that is the whole song. End on: B.

If anyone could tell me the name of the thrid chord thatd be helpful, and if there are 


| /   slide up
| \   slide down
| h   hammer-on
| p   pull-off
| ~   vibrato
| +   harmonic
| x   Mute note
| b   Bend
| pb  Pre-bend
| br  Bend release
| pbr Pre-bend release
| brb Bend release bend

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