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Big Easy
Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers (Glassjaw Boxer)
Tabbed by BONES (halffull07@yahoo.com)

G                           C
Oh girl, girl you're real pretty
       D                             G
And a guy like me is getting pretty late
            G                              C
There's no mistaking, the vows have been taken
            D                             G
But a girl like you should never have to wait

And I've been searching, searching for a new doll
Nothing they could say could comfort me
If you let me come back, I'd make you a promise
But a promise ain't no good if it won't keep

It goes around and around and around and around
The rocket man and the wall of sound
D                                 G
Turn it up and make it loud, big easy

The grass is much greener, the ring on the finger
It barely seems to keep the cats away
But when you get older, the kittens get colder
And everybody hates themselves some days

Chorus x 2
         Em             C
And the shadows in the light of day
     Em             C
Are never what you might suppose
    Em                C
Reality's a wrecking ball
        D                            Em
That smashes everything you know, yeah yeah
   C         D
It goes, it goes

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