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It isn't perfect, but I think it's close for the most part.

           A      D       A            D
Well it's hard to live in front of the world
        A            D               E
There's only so much that you can pretend
            A                  D
Write down what it is you're thinking
          A         D
Take each day as it comes
    A                 D                 E
You never know what's hangin 'round the bend
       A            D           A
And as far from the world as we get
      D              A              D             E
I can swear that the two of us will always be the same
       A           D        A     
Figure out what it is you believe in
And if you must choose
     A                D              E
Try not to trade your fortune in for fame

           D      A      A/Db      E
And you'll learn, learn, learn
                 D     A     A/Db      E
You'll wait your turn, turn, turn
               F#m         Bm
And you'll get sick on the way
       F#m                Bm
By the things that people say
      F#m        Bm                D
It'll break your heart against the wind
But you will just keep breathing in
               A         D       A            D
Well if you're scared to live in front of the world
      A                 D         E
I got news for you, you should be then
                 A               D            A              D
'Cause when your confidence gets low, and you got nowhere to go
     A                D          E
Just remember how you felt about me and our friends


D                         F#m
Watch the way you fall in love 
                D                     F#m
Cause if you're smart, you'll take it slow
    D                  F#m
But don't ask me about it
Cause I don't know
        F#m   Bm  D
I don't know, no, no

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