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Shady Esperanto and the Young Hearts
Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers (The Bear)
Tabbed by bones (halffull07@yahoo.com)
Capo 1
G              D                  C            G
Lilac eyes release me from the stinging queen bee
G              D              C            G
help me to forget about the lions chasing me
G          D                C            G
if a man among us has the notion that hes free
G                    D          C                  G
i entreat you to the challenge stand on up and lets see
        G D C        G
you get olddddd….. I never wanna get old (x2)
G              D              C            G
smiling and sun baked i get jealous of myself
G              D                  C            G
like shady esperanto and the young hearts carousel
G                D                     C            G
the hardest part has always been to resurrect my soul
G                  D            C                 G  D  C   G  D  C  
lightning in my youth and the newest way
just got oldd,you get oldd, don’t want to get old 

And you try……..and you tryyy

But you cant try enough
Am              D
But you keep fighting
Am             D
You keep on fighting me
Am             D                               G
You keep on fighting……. Don't you know you already won?
G              D                  C            G
The thunder in the city we were hanging on the lawn
G              D            C                G
Talking all the time about where the time had gone
G                    D                  C            G
It's not the way I thought it'd be it's not what I was told
G                       C            G
I got a young heart and I don't wanna get…

Oldddd I never wanna get old (repeatx8)

And you try (x6)

But you can't try enough
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