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  • Artist:

    Stephen Lynch

  • Album:

    The Craig Machine

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   / Stephen Lynch     / This song is good fun and easy to learn.
  / Albino            / Listen to the track for the rhythm.
 / The Craig Machine / Chord list is at the bottom.

Standard tuning: EADGBe
No capo

     G    Am7    G   STOP

Um... I wanted to write a song about the three loves of my life
That have, you know, slipped away somehow
Uh, but I could only come up with... two

     G    Am7    G     C
     G    Am7    G     C

G        D/F#
I was in love with an albino
    Am              Am     Em7* C   Cadd9
Her lack of pigment seemed like fun
G         D/F#
Her skin, the whitest alabaster
    Am              Am      Em7*  C   Cadd9
Her eyes as pink as pinkest bubblegum

Cm                     G
Then one day it snowed real hard
Cm          G     G5/F# Em7  D
And she disappear--ear--ear--red

     G         Am7         G          C
                           That's one
     G         Am7         G          C
     Here's two

G       D/F#
I loved little Agnus Johnson
  Am             Am  Em7*   C   Cadd9
I met her at the old folks' home
G                D/F#
She'd call me up and say "Hey Stephen
     Am              Am    Em7* C   Cadd9
Come give old Mother Hubbard a bone"

Cm                G
Then one day her EKG went
Cm        G   G5/F# Em7  D     G
Beep beep bee--eee--eee--eep

Chords used:
  G   320033
 Am7  575555
  C   X32010
D/F#  200232
 Am   X02210
Em7*  020000
Cadd9 X32030
 Cm   X35543
G5/F# 2X0033
 Em7  022030
  D   XX0232

Daniel Guyte.
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