• Song:

    Dungeons And Dragons

  • Artist:

    Stephen Lynch

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Ok, this is my first tab so go easy on this one, but I am more than positive that it is correct.

     E           C/G        Muted
---0---       ---0---      -------
---0---       ---1---      -------
---1---       ---0---      -------
---2---       ---2---      ---4---
---2---       ---3---      ---4---
---0---       ---3---      ---2---

Ok, the transition for the song goes like this, its E and C/G for a majority for the time except for the times where he plays the muted chord.  SO that is it, I know his songs are rather easy and repetitive so ENJOY.

If you have corrections to make email me at soccer_player31@hotmail.com so I can be notified of my mistakes. Thanks.
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