• Song:


  • Artist:

    Stephen Lynch

  • Album:

    A Little Bit Special & ...

Chords: D Dsus2 D G

D       Dsus2 
Here we are
D        G
Dear old friend
D       Dsus2
You and I
D     G
drunk again
D                Dsus2
laughs have been had
D               G
tears have been shed
D         Dsus2
maybe the whisky 
D              G  
has gone to my head
D             Dsus2
But if i were gay, i would  
D           G
give you my heart
D             Dsus2
and if i were gay
D                   G
you'd be my work of art
D             Dsus2
and if i were gay
D                G
we would swim in romance
D          Dsus2
but im not gay
D           G              D 
so get your hand out of my pants

Dsus2 D G

The strumming is like the song, and the chords is the same.
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