• Song:

    Half A Man

  • Artist:

    Stephen Lynch

  • Album:

    Half A Man (A Demo)

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#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

			    Half a Man - Stephen Lynch
		       Chord file written by David Reichert

Capo on 3rd fret.

4/4 time

/ - denotes downstrum 1/8 note
 - denotes upstrum 1/8 note
space would be quarter rest more or less

Chords Used: E C G and D 

Intro, Verse, and first part of chorus:
Free and easy feel strumming with stacatto like strokes

E             G    D
/// \ / // /// \ / //
(repeat twice)

E             G     
/// \ / // /// \ / //

D         C
//////// ////// then two quick taps or pause

Second part of Chorus

Where he sings "Half a man... yeah I'm half a man..."
all it is is just D, C, and E

Form D    Form C  Form E


Verse 1:
E              G           D     E
All my days, I live with my disgrace
        G           D    E
I'm afraid to show my face
        G                D          C
Or at least take off my underwear...

see i was born, like a half-way neutered pet
I don't have a matching set
It's a part of me that, just ain't there
please don't stare... 

Chorus 1:

well I'm a gamblin man without two dice
I'm like uncle ben with only one grain of rice
oh to have two testes would be so nice

       D    C E  
But im half a man...
yeah im half a man...

Verse 2:

Wanna die, and all just call it quits
I can't find a cup that fits
and at baseball games, i feel so dumb
when i hear, ball one..

Oh my god, how could you have been so cruel
To give me one family jewel
And the one that's there must.. feel so sad..
He's a lonely nad

Chorus 2:

Well I'm a marathon runner with just one leg
I'm a fallopian tube with just one egg
Oh I want another teste do I have to beg.. or be

Half a man...
yeah im half a man...

End Verse/chorus: (same chords as chorus)

Well I'm a tweedle dee with no tweedle dum
and I'm a siskel and Ebert with just one thumb..
and I'm a yo ho ho, with no bottle of rum.. I'm just

Half a man..
yeah I'm, half a man..
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