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    Stephen Lynch

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Artist:  Stephen Lynch 
Song:  Hermaphrodite
Album:  A Little Bit Special
Track:  15
Tabbed By:  Rick (RCGoalie1@aol.com)
AIM:  unhlax23


E    (022100)
C/G  (332010)
D/A  (554030)
Am   (x02210)
F    (133211)

When you play the intro and the verse, play the chords like this:

     E           C/G

Intro:  E  C/G x4

Verse 1:

E          C/G   E          C/G
She's part girl, she's part boy
E          C/G            E       C/G
She's got parts that everyone can enjoy
E          C/G   E         C/G
She's got more, she's got less
Am                     F
She's got her manhood tucked in her dress

E  C/G  x4

Verse 2.  (play like previous verse)

E  C/G  D/A x 2


E                C/G              D/A
She wears lace, and she wears flannel
E                    C/G                 D/A
She watches football and the lifetime channel
E                   C/G         D/A
What's that bulge under her nighty
E             C/G      D/A
It must be hermaphrodite
E  C/G

Verse 3:

E                C/G    E              C/G
Some things are white, some things are black
E                C/G    E (stop)
Some girls wear makeup, mine shaves her back 
E                C/G       E            C/G
But she's still beautiful, she's still fine
Am                          F
It's too bad her package is bigger than mine

E  C/G  D/A  x2

Chorus. (play like other chorus)

After that, sing hermaphrodite a bunch of times and play the intro.

Thats it.  Email me with comments.  Later.
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