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  • Artist:

    Stephen Lynch

  • Album:

    Half A Man (A Demo)

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Artist:  Stephen Lynch
Song:  Priest
Album:  A Little Bit Special
Track:  7
Tabbed by:  Rick (RCGoalie1@aol.com)
AIM:  unhlax23


B    (224422)
A/B  (004400)
Bm   (x24432)
G    (320033)
D    (xx0232)

When you play the verse chords, play them like this:

   B            A/B

Verse 1:

B  A/B            B  A/B 
Deep in prayer my cross to bear
B  A/B           B  A/B
I kneel upon the floor
B  A/B             B  A/B
Temptations of our Catholic priest
B  A/B      B  A/B
Are easy to ignore


    G    Dsus2   A
But I cannot control myself
   G       Dsus2  A
It rips my soul apart
    G          Dsus2   A
For one small sheep among my flock has
G          Dsus2    A
Stole the shepards heart


G     A    Bm
Alter boy, alter boy
G            A       D
Confess your sins to me
G        A        Bm
You will find the grace of God
G         A       (go back to playing the A  B/A for the verse)
Inside my rectory

Verse 2: (play like verse 1)

Prechorus: (play like previous prechorus)

Chorus:  (play like previous chorus)

Play A  A/B a bunch of times, then play it over these lyrics

Prechorus:  (play like other prechoruses)

Chorus:  (play like other choruses)

Play A  A/B over these words and fade out:

De profundis clamo ad te, domine domine

And thats it.  Not so hard.  Email me with comments.  Later
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