• Song:

    Shes Gotta Smile

  • Artist:

    Stephen Lynch

People have been trying to figure these chords out for the past few years and I think 
watching the el rey video and carefully figuring out each not I finally figured out the 

E       |022100|
A       |002220|
D       |XX0232|
C#m     |446654|
B       |224442|


INTRO (play twice)

E  A  D    A


E         A
She gotta smile,

D               A
Yeah, She gotta smile and

      E           A        D       A
she's flashin' it right at me


She gotta wink,
a wink across the bar, and I
know that it's meant to be.


She gotta walk,
OOH, she walkin' over
and I know IT could be my day.


She got a ... friend,
Eeeew she gotta friend;
Why's she standin' in her way?!?


D        A       E
It's her big fat friend!

    A          C#m    B
Oh god there's always one

Big fat friend

   A        C#m     B
To spoil my fucking fun!


     E         A
Now baby baby baby

         C#m             B
if it's boots you wanna knock,

             E                A
Leave your chubbly friend at home

                C#m            B
because she's gonna block the cock.

     E             A
Now I'm afraid of no man,

     C#m         B
With any I'll contend,

    A           B7
But I cannot compete with your

         (start playin intro chords)
Big Fat Friend.
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