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Artist: SM and The Jicks
Tabbed by Mike LaPoint

Intro:      B, A, D, B

B                A          D B              
Of all my stoned digressions
B                        A     D E  D  
  B          A  D  B
Some have mutated in to the truth
A    D  C        G      C, C#
Not a spoof
B                    A      D B            
You are the bold expression
B                 A     D   E        D      
A       B         A  D B
of all your parents loss  which you pause
A         D    C   G   C, C#
theres no us
B                              C#m
Cant be what you ought to be
F#                             E                 E7
gotta be what you wanna be
E      F#   E     B                         
            F#                           E                     E7
take it with pride and like a dragonfly, dragonfly wants a piece of pie
       E   F#  E      D#m                    A
But he is so     strung                 out.

G#m                      C#                        E          
       B        B/A#
Skake me off the knife because i want to go home

the rest of the song is pretty much repeated from the chords above. epic song!
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