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Thoroughfare Gap chords
Stephen Stills

G  C  G  D   G  C  G  D  

G           C           G
Sometimes I consider my pace,
      D           G               C
I'm reminded of a train gathering speed,
        G            D
for the climb to the pass

         G         C          G
In whose shadow it all really lies,
        D     G       C
a small metal wagon approaching,
    G                      D
the ever present ascending rise;
                G        C G D 
to the southern mountains

G           C           G
Reeling and snaking and leaping,
   D             G             C
it seems like it wants to come loose,
         G            D
from its path cast in iron

        G     C         G
But she can't slow down now,
D      G         C
as the earth has presented,
  G            C
a new crest to reach
        G        D
without barely a rest;
         G        C G D 
from the last one

        G           C           G
And you wonder just what lies beyond,
D             G            C
though you've been there before,
                     G              D
and forget about the effort and the strain

G        C
Always ascending,
     G           D
each yard adds a mile,
       G            C
to the never-ending pull,
       G          D
of the steepening grade;
         G       C G D G C G D
that's before you

  G         C         G         D
A valley, A forest, A desert, A stream,
        G         C
with an oversized bridge,
        G               D
for the trickle there beneath

      G          C
You remember the torrent,
   G         D
it turned to last spring,
         G             C
from the snows melting fast
        G          D
and the river it became;
       G     C  G  D
in the summer

   G          C
Perhaps it is ruined,
       G             D
from a fire that has scorched it,
   G          C
so badly that nothing
     G            D
will grow without rain

   G             C
To wash away the blackened soil,
    G            D            G
now useless till called upon again,
     C         G           D
in a future as twisted and far away;
                     G       C G D
as the next range of mountains

   G          C          G
So take it as far as you see
and beyond,
     G              C
with eyes you don't use enough,
G         D
gather up strength

   G            C
As Thoroughfare Gap,
      G           D
will await you forever,
       G          C
you're seeking to get there
    G      D
for even before;
it's no matter;
no distance;
         G   C G Gsus4 G
it's the ride


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