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    I Stopped To Fill My Car Up

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    Performance And Cocktai...

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Artist : Sterophonics
Album : Performance & Cocktails

I played this with my band in a pub in London a few nights ago, its a real nice slow one, Enjoy.
For Edmund Miburn, wot a bellend!!!!!       

Chords Em/g = 3rd fret 103230
       G/B  = 020430             

Am            Em/G      F   
 I stopped to fill my car up
 ""           ""       ""
The car felt good that day
 ""           ""       ""
I didn't know where I was going
 ""           ""       ""
But it felt good for change 

A five and a pocket full of silver
I paid the lady no change              SAME AS ABOVE
And then it started to piss down
I started driving again

 C           G/B
And then I looked up  
         Am         G         F   
And looked in the mirror behind me    x2

A man around forty in the back seat
Must have stepped in when I was empty  Reapeat as top
So why's he sat there just waiting
Likely to smash my face in

He had a bag full of money
He said just drive me away
I didn't know where I was going  Repeat as above
Yet it felt good to be strange

   C         G/B
And still I look up 
      Am             G        F                   
And look in the mirror behind me     x2

Curiosity is over
He stepped down from the car
He pulled a gun from his jacket      Repeat like the top
Said I was going to die

It gives me so much satisfaction
To watch you beg and cry             Repeat like the top
Well I just made up this story                
To get your attention makes me smile 

I never looked up 
Or looked in the mirror behind me    

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