• Song:

    Nice To Be Out

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Pick a Part That's New

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    C (x32010)
Cmaj7 (x32000)
   C* (x32013)
    G (320003)

NOTE:	During the intro and links there is very quick changes between Cand (x32010@1)Cmaj7but (x32000@1)once
	you hear the song it's easy to pick up.  Each time this is meant to happen it will
	be coded by 'Criff' 

Criff = | Cmaj7 C Cmaj7 C |

INTRO:	Drum fade in

	| C (x32010@1)    | Cmaj7 (x32000@1)| Criff  | C (x32010@1)    | Cmaj7 (x32000@1)| Criff  |

	| C (x32010@1)    | Cmaj7 (x32000@1)| Criff  | C (x32010@1)    | Cmaj7 (x32000@1)| Criff  |

V1:	you asked me son, where have you been? let me think, now let me see.
	i stood once where hitlers feet had stood when he made his speech
	   G (320003@1)in neuremburg in '38 he tried to build the perfect race.
	         C*                                            (C) 
	he said "black men ain't gonna run along side our perfect sun.

LINK 1:	|(C)     | Cmaj7 (x32000@1)| Criff  | C (x32010@1)    | Cmaj7 (x32000@1)| Criff  |

V2:	there was dallas too, the library; the place they ended kennedy
	we stood where oswald took his shot, in my opinion there's abigger (x02210@1)plot
	G (320003@1)costner's back and to the left, the picket fence, the better bet.
	C*                                                (C)
	paris came and summer went, the tunnels now aflower (x02210@1)bed.

LINK 2:	|(C)     | Cmaj7 (x32000@1)| Criff  | C (x32010@1)    | Cmaj7 (x32000@1)| Criff  |

V3:	the famous turf that made geoff hurst, the vodka stops to quench my thirst.
	golden gate stroke alcatraz and the fat man failed to get us passes.
	G (320003@1)jimmy's corner in raging bull, de niros jokes and bottled pills.
	C*                                                  (C)
	elvis tales from mr woodward any richard burton if you could.

LINK 3:	|(C)     | Cmaj7 (x32000@1)| Criff  | C (x32010@1)    | Cmaj7 (x32000@1)| Criff  |

V4:	tourist here atourist (x02210@1)stops for one more picture, one more god.
	another top-up for achange, (x02210@1)it makes you think, it makes you sane.
	G (320003@1)talking more about yourself, there's amirror (x02210@1)to have acheck. (x02210@1)	C*                                                         (C)
	cheques are always passing through, some depart but alot (x02210@1)come too.

LINK 2:	|(C)     | Cmaj7 (x32000@1)| Criff  | C (x32010@1)    | Cmaj7 (x32000@1)| Criff  |

V5:	restraunt talk or pick your teeth, you bite your tounge or chew your meat.
	sleep or drink or drink to sleep and one more week and we will meet.
	      G (320003@1)we'll talk of what we havn't done since we departed back amonth (x02210@1)	   C*                                                  (C)
	we argue why we have to shout? all in all it's nice to be out

OUTRO	|(C)      | Cmaj7 (x32000@1)| Criff  | C (x32010@1)    | Cmaj7 (x32000@1)| Criff  |

	repeat to fade


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