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    She Takes Her Clothes Off

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    The Bartender and the T...

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Stereophonics - She Takes Her Clothes Off.
Av a go at this one it sounds right to me.Tell us wot you think mr_wolfy@hotmail.co.uk


Hint: Slide up to 4 with your finger barring the strings:
also hit the two bar chords on an upstroke.

Repeat throughout verse:
Shes got another fantasy...

...until you get to the end where it goes:
                      D5and (xx023x@1)now she takes her clothes off           

D5= X-X-2-0-X-X

Then continue the intro sequence into the next verse which ends in the same way.

Chourus:(listen for the strumming pattern for the Em chord)
------0-----------  ----0--0--0--0-0---2--0--2--3--2--0--2--0--
------0-----------  ----2--3--2--2-2---3-----------------------
------0-----------  ----2--2--2--2-2---2-----------------------
------2-----------  ----2--3--2--2-2---------------------------
------2-----------  ----0--0--0--0-2---------------------------
------0-----------  -------------------------------------------

Got the nickname... ...Part of 'Bubble Jo'

Repeat again for the next line:
"They found her dead, dead as nails at home" 
but leave out the little d shape riff on the end:

The chorus carries on like this:

G (320003@1)                 DIm (xx0232@1)gonna be another marilyn
G (320003@1)                DBleech (xx0232@1)my hair and get real thin
G (320003@1)                   D (xx0232@1)            AAnd (x02220@1)everybody's gonna wanna dance with me

Then go back to the starting riff for the next verse. 

Av fun with this one its a cracking song.
Let me know wot u think 

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