• Song:

    Chaddys Awesome Birthday Song

  • Artist:

    Sterling Knight

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This is the song Chad sings to Dakota in the Sonny With A Chance episode, Dakota's 
Revenge. I tried to see what chords he used, directly from the episode. Correct me 
if I'm wrong! Hope you like it!

From "Dakota" to "along": Em and G chords = Strum down on the top 2 strings, then all of them.
"To Chaddy's awesome birthday song!": D chord = DD DDD
"Chad, Chad, Chaddy, Chad, Chad": Em chord = DD. G chord = DUDU


Em (022000@1)                      GDakota, (320003@1)it's your birthday and it shouldn't be bad.

Em (022000@1)                       GYou (320003@1)deserve the best, the gift of Chad!
   Em (022000@1)                        GSo (320003@1)come on lucky girl, let's sing along,
DTo (xx0232@1)Chaddy's awesome birthday song!
Em (022000@1)          GChad, (320003@1)Chad, Chaddy, Chad, Chad!
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