• Song:

    Pancho And Lefty

  • Artist:

    Steve Earle

  • Album:


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tab by jofo  30/5/09

add some hammer on's when playing the Am

   c (x3101x@1)        g (355333@1)   f (133111@1)  am               *

cLivin' (x3101x@1)on the road, my friend
gWas (355333@1)gonna keep us free and clean
fnow (133111@1)you wear your skin like iron
 c (x3101x@1)                      gAnd (355333@1)your breath's as hard as kerosene
fweren't (133111@1)your mama's only boy
cBut (x3101x@1)her favorite one, it seems
am                     *      gShe (355333@1)began to cry when you said good bye
f (133111@1)                 am
And sank into your dreams
(Verse 2)
cPancho (x3101x@1)was a bandit, boys
ghorse (355333@1)fast as polished steel
fWore (133111@1)his guns outside his pants
c (x3101x@1)                      gFor (355333@1)all the honest world to feel
fPancho (133111@1)met his match, you know
c (x3101x@1)                  gOn (355333@1)the deserts down in Mexico
am                      *     gNobody (355333@1) heard his dyin' words
f (133111@1)                 am
But that's the way it goes
fAnd (133111@1)all the federales say
c (x3101x@1)                         gThey (355333@1)could have had him any day
am                (*        gThey (355333@1)only let him hang around
       f (133111@1)             am
Out of kindness, I suppose
(Verse 3)
cLefty (x3101x@1)he can't sing the blues
gAll (355333@1)night long like he used to
fThe (133111@1)dust that Pancho bit down South
c (x3101x@1)                  gIt (355333@1)ended up in Lefty's mouth
fThe (133111@1)day they laid poor Pancho low
c (x3101x@1)                  gLefty (355333@1)split for Ohio
am                      *           gWhere (355333@1)he got the bread to go
f (133111@1)                  am
ahh there ain't nobody 'knows
(Verse 4)
cpoets (x3101x@1)tell how Pancho fell
gLefty's (355333@1)livin' in a cheap hotel
fThe (133111@1)desert's quiet and Cleveland's cold
c (x3101x@1)                      gAnd (355333@1)so the story ends, we're told
fPancho (133111@1)needs your prayers, it's true
c (x3101x@1)                         gBut (355333@1)save a few for Lefty, too
Bm (x24432@1)                        *        gHe (355333@1)only did what he had to do
f (133111@1)                 am
And now he's growin' old
(Final Chorus)
fYes (133111@1)a few old gray federales still say
c (x3101x@1)                         gThey (355333@1)could have had him any day
am                     *      gThey (355333@1)only let him go so wrong
       f (133111@1)              am
Out of kindness, I suppose

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