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E (022100@1)             B (x2444x@1)           F# (244322@1)           AbmThere (133111@4)is no one higher no one greater no one like our God
E (022100@1)               B (x2444x@1)               F# (244322@1)          AbmThere (133111@4)is none more able Christ our savior great and glorious

E (022100@1)         B (x2444x@1)         F# (244322@1)         Abm (133111@4)  So i'll stand with arms high and heart abandoned
E (022100@1)    B (x2444x@1)     F# (244322@1)       Abm (133111@4)     E (022100@1)  In awe of the one who gave it all
     B (x2444x@1)      F# (244322@1)          Abm (133111@4)          E (022100@1)     B (x2444x@1)  F# (244322@1)  F#i'll (244322@1)stand my soul Lord to you surrendered all i am is yours

Every chord gets 2 beats
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