• Song:

    I Will Be Here

  • Artist:

    Steven Curtis Chapman

  • Album:

    Steven Curtis Chapman: ...

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This song sounds better in Capo 1 in my opinion, please enjoy (my first tab)

Intro: D  G

D (xx0232@1)                  A (x02220@1)    Bm7 (x20202@1)        Bm (x24432@1)     A (x02220@1)     G (320003@1)G/F#Tomorrow (320002@1)morning if you wake up, and the sun does not appear,
Em (022000@1)   A (x02220@1)            DI....... (xx0232@1)I will be here
D (xx0232@1)                      A (x02220@1)     Bm7 (x20202@1)        Bm (x24432@1)     A (x02220@1)      G (320003@1)
If in the dark we lose sight of love, hold my hand and have no fear,
G/F# (320002@1)Em (022000@1)    A (x02220@1)         Dcause (xx0232@1)I....... I will be here


A/C# (042220@1)      Bm (x24432@1)          E (022100@1)            A (x02220@1)             D/F# (200232@1)     
I will be here, when you feel like being quiet, when you need to speak your 
 G (320003@1)  D/F# (200232@1)  Em (022000@1)     A/C# (042220@1)      Bm (x24432@1)          E (022100@1)                 Amind, (x02220@1)I will listen and I will be here, when the laughter turns to crying,
           D/F# (200232@1)                   G (320003@1)  D/F# (200232@1)      Em (022000@1)  Athrough (x02220@1)the winning, losing, and trying, we'll be together
                  DCause (xx0232@1)I will be here

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