• Song:

    Couldnt Stand The Weather

  • Artist:

    Stevie Ray Vaughan

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key of Dm (tuned down ? step or you can play in C#m as the song doesn't require 
any special key tricks)
intro; Lick X 4.5  
#(slide down into Dm ). Dm7 chops
Dm7                  G (320003@1)                 
Passin' through this business of life
Dm7                 GRaisin' (320003@1)sand if I'm needed to
Dm7                 GAin't (320003@1)so funny when things ain't feelin' right
Dm7                   GDaddy's (320003@1)hand helps to see me through
BmSweet (x24432@1)as sugar, love won't wash away
ARain (x02220@1)or shine, it's always here to stay
GAll (320003@1)these years you and I've spent together
F#7I (242352@1)guess, we just couldn't stand the weather

Dm7 chopsX4
Dm7 chops
Dm7               GLike (320003@1)a train that stops at every station
Dm7              GWe (320003@1)all deal with trials and tribulations
Dm7                        GFear (320003@1)hangs the fellow that ties up his years
Dm7                     GEntangled (320003@1)in yellow and cries all his tears
 BmChanges (x24432@1)come before we can grow
ALearn (x02220@1)to see them before we're too old
GDon't (320003@1)just take me for tryin' to be heavy
F#7Understand, (242352@1)it's time to get ready for the storm 

Solo:verse + 2 choruses + drum solo + keyboard solo w/drums + guitar solo

end.(I hope this all makes sense.)

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