• Song:

    Mary Had A Little Lamb

  • Artist:

    Stevie Ray Vaughan

  • Album:

    Tokyo '85

This is for the people (I used to be one) who can't play Stevie's guitar parts,
but still want to know the core of the song.
Tabbed by A Rolling Stone.
For questions or corrections contact me: joplinrice@hotmail.com

                     A7Mary (x02020@1)had a little lamb,
                                   E7It's (020130@1)fleece was white as snow, yeah
                           B7Everywhere (x21202@1)that child went,
                                    E7The (020130@1)little lamb was sure to go, yeah

He followed her to school,

And broke the teachers rules,

What a time they had,

That day at school,

(Guitar Solo, Come back in on E7)

Tisket! Tasket! baby,

A green and yellow basket,

Wrote a letter to my baby,

On my way out past it,

Chords Used:

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