• Song:

    Black Eyed Bruiser

  • Artist:

    Stevie Wright

  • Album:

    Definitive Collection

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B L A C K   E Y E D   B R U I S E R

If you see me walkin' down the street, better get out my way.

I'm a real king-hitter, always have my say.

If you're lookin' for a heavy time, best you don't come around.

Or else you'll get your heavy six feet of solid ground.
C#                                                        D
I don't like touble but if troubles the name of your game.
You know where you can find me boy, everybody knows my name.
        E               F#                         Ab         
I'm the black eyed, the black eyed, the black eyed bruiser.

I used to be a peaceful man of flowers and love.

I believed in my soul and the good lord above.

But I was forced to change my tune, my candles and grace.

By the power of the dollar and the kicks in the face.
C#                                                                         D
There ain't no peace in this world, that's a fact, take a good look around.
So I'm gonna stand here and fight, ain't nobody putting me down.
                 E               F#                     Ab
They call me the black eyed, the black eyed, black eyed bruiser.

Ab  C# Ab                        C# Ab
All I  want is a little bit of understanding. 
  C#    Ab                     C# Ab
I don't wanna be the man I am.
Ab C# Ab                        C#   Ab
All I need is a little bit of lovin' care now.
C#    Ab                   C# Ab
Don't wanna be a hated man.
E               F#                          Ab
Don't wanna be, don't wanna be a black eyed bruiser.
E                 F#                             Ab
I don't wanna be, I don't wanna be, a black eyed bruiser.

               E           F#                                      Ab
They call me a black eyed, black eyed, they call me the black eyed bruiser.


I have used barre chords for this basic rythym version of this classic
Oz Rock song. The Ab is quickly released and/or slid down to the F# 
for the majority of the verses.
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