• Song:

    Art School Girl

  • Artist:

    Stone Temple Pilots

  • Album:

    Tiny Music...Songs From...

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Tuning: Standard

Intro and Verses: (Clean) - Play 12 times for the intro and first 
verse. I think just play it 8 times per verse after that.

1: -------------------------------------------------------------------
2: -------------------------------------------------------------------
3: -------------------------------------------------------------------
4: ---X--/---9----X---7----7----7----X----6----6----X----6----7-----7-
5: ---X------X----X---X----X----X---X----X----X----X----X----X----X---
6: ---X--/--11---X---9----9----9----X----8----8----X----8----9-----9--

Chorus: (Distortion) - Play 8 Times
1: ----------------------------------
2: ----------------------------------
3: ----------------------------------
4: ---4---4---4-----4---4-----5--
5: ---4---4---4-----4---4-----5--
6: ---0---2---0-----2---2-----3--

   I can't get a few slight parts, inbetween chorus'. It's some 
strange chords I think, and there's some distortion (unusual) which 
makes it hard to hear. The solo seems to be somewhere near the 8-12th 
fret(s). I believe the first note is the 15th fret on the 1st string, 
but other than that i'm stuck on the solo as well. I'm going to keep 
working on it, but it may take some time. Anyone else who can figure 
some out, please do! :)

A Crash Course in TAB Usage

 --X--   Striking a muted string to produce a percussion tone.
 --/--    Sliding from a lower note to a higher note
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