It's gone 

A               E                      F#m    D
I remember so well the day that you came

A                 E                   F#m      D
You Shine up my nights and gave me hope
A                        E
But then you left me alone
                 F#m             D
Promising that you'll come back 
A                        E                  F#m               D      
I waited here for so long, Staring at my windows trying to recall...
The memories 3x
A                E                          F#m    D
I remember so well you told me you love me so
A                E                        F#m      D
I remember so well our happy days you and I 
A                         E                  F#m D
And now I'm thinking of you until you come back I'll be here for you

Repeat Chorus

A             E               F#m
days have passed, but no one came...
searching for his love...
A            E    F#m                     D                 
years are done, yet no ones waiting for me to wear thge gown...

Repeat chorus

This song is dedicated to my group, my classmates and my teacher
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