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Title: Lss
Artist: Stonefree
transcribed: XMY
        Song of Stonefree "LSS" VEry nice lyrics.. hahaha
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Intro: C Am F C

Verse 1:
    C                        Am
The lights are now on us, the stage surround us
 F C                    
But it's you, it's you I remember
  C                          Am
This may be our best gig, The most well-attended
 F  C                                 C
But it's you that I wanna be with, Cause whenever you're not here
 Am                                 F  C
There's this void I hear within, It's you I crave and need

 C                       Am
I am here you're there, Its too much for me to bear
So hold on, Soon I'll be home

Verse 2:
C                          Am
The times that we apart, Gets too familiar
   F  C              
But i want is to be where you are
 C                                Am             
Cause the last song syndrome here, Is your voice I hear so clear
 F C
You said you'll wait for me
(repeat chorus)

Am G F
I miss the way you touch my face
Am G F
I miss the way you say my name
I miss you oh..baby
Bb G
I wish you here with me
(repeat chorus)
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