Feet Don't Touch the Ground - Stoney Larue
Tabbed by: Doug Walters
Email:  Dougfwalters@gmail.com

Notes: Yes This is a brandon jenkins song. Yes Stoney's version is way better. I dont 
to sit here and tab out every verse so ill just do the intro, first verse, and the chorus. 
You enjoy.

Tuning: Standard

Play this Twice for the Intro

         G          Em?          C     C9    C

Here is a little a sequence that you play at the end of the entrance. I will put "!C!" 
the word where you play this little piece.

I call this *C* remember.

*Verse 1*

G               Em        C             D - Dadd9
I remember when I met you Big city boy, small town blues.
G         Em        C         *C*
This town seemed so small to me
G                Em                   C              D - Dadd9
I was use to the boulevard When I saw you, I fell so hard
G     Em          C               D - Dadd9
Now I never wanna leave  Girl I'm here forever


             G          Em  C                  D               G
We got moon light, all night Lord I pray on the next star I see tonight
      Em                 C          *C*
I Never lose this thing I've found
G       Em
You by, my side I can do without the city lights.
G        Em                C              D                     G
I fly so high when you're around, That my feet don't touch the ground.

I have absolutely no clue what this solo is for the lead guitar but if your just singing 
the campfire the Intro will do well as a bridge.

*Verse 2*

The things I've done and the place I've been
They don't compare to the love I'm in
It beats all I've ever seen
If you'd told me a few years back
that I'd be still living here
At this place I'm at
I'd say you're living in a dream, Girl I'm here forever


Theres another little solo here....no clue

Girl Im Here Forever

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