• Song:

    Failing Flaling Intro

  • Artist:

    Streetlight Manifesto

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After the horn intro

G-6--6--1-----6--6--2--]repeat x2


thats it for now but i promise more to come

you say you've got the cure /
 but i don't have a disease /
 and you say you've got the 
/ but i've made no inquiries /
 and you're failing / bailing /
 good god motherfucker now i 
you flailing / that's right i think i do /
 i see you flailing away /// i know it's hard but so are you /
 and so am i and we'll pull through together, together /
 and i said that 
been years but still i fear /
 that someone dear will leave me here forever, 
forever and i said: hey! you've got to keep trying /
 you've got to keep holding on to what you've got / 
(because what you've got it sure ain't a lot) / and hey! / 
everyone's falling down / everyone's holding out for what you've got / 
but what you've got, it sure ain't a lot / 
and youact like it is but you know that it's not / 
and even if it was, would you ever give it up? / 
if i told you what you had was really nothing? / 
nothing? / nothing! / yes, it's nothing / nothing at all /// 
so you say your life's a bore / and i can't quite disagree / 
if you judge your life by the pieces of shit that inhabit your tv / 
because they stand so proud, and they talk too loud / 
and every other word is a lie / 
i've found that everyone who is anyone is a waste of time /// 
nothing / you won't say nothing / you don't say nothing / 
and that's just fine /// take me back to that / day when i went blind / 
i would like to see / your face one last time /// 
sticks and stones may break my bones / but names will never 
me / and it's been years but still i fear that someday they'll desert me / 
oh, it's hard, i know / when it's time to stand alone / and no one understands you
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